Myths About Marijuana

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, is a controversial topic that has been debated for decades. With the legalization of marijuana in several countries worldwide, people’s attitudes toward this plant have changed. There are some serious myths about marijuana.

Despite its increasing popularity and legal status in some places, there are still many myths about marijuana that persist. In this article, we will debunk 10 common myths about marijuana and provide you with the correct information to ensure you make responsible decisions when it comes to using or not using marijuana.

Marijuana is a getaway drug.

This myth claims that marijuana leads to harder drugs such as heroin and cocaine. While studies show that those who use cannabis are more likely to experiment with other drugs, most people who use weed don’t go on to try harder substances.

The biggest myths about marijuana deal with the use of substances and meth, which is not true. People who have consumed marijuana tend to be in their zone and not go for cocaine or even alcohol.

Medical benefits are a hoax.

Another common myth claims medical uses of marijuana remain unproven or exaggerated by supporters seeking legislative change. However, medicinally speaking, thousands of years ago, civilizations used herbal remedies made from parts of cannabis plants.

There is a common saying that the medical benefits of marijuana are a constant reason to try to make the drug legal. That is not the truth. Some patients with serious medical conditions are advised to have a limited quantity of the drug.

Smoking weed can be fatal.

Smoking isn’t a good habit to induce. When you focus on smoking cigarettes or even marijuana, both of them are harmful to a certain extent.

There is no justification for saying that marijuana is healthier compared to cigarettes. However, smoking weed has not been proven fatal to anyone to date.

With the medical benefits associated with it, marijuana could have some health benefits in comparison to smoking tobacco-induced cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

Cannabis kills brain cells.

Another rising myth about marijuana is that it kills brain cells. There is no proven study showing that marijuana actually kills brain cells.

But we can say that the use of marijuana in higher quantities can result in poor cognitive function. If you are habituated to using marijuana on limited occasions, your cognitive performance can be poor.

Using weed for a long time can result in impaired vision, poor decision-making ability, and a lack of emotional intelligence. However, killing brain cells with marijuana use is a hoax.

Marijuana leads to violence.

If you consume alcohol, cocaine, or other drugs, there is a higher chance that you will be able to get into violence. But the same is not the case with marijuana.

There are proven cases where marijuana has never resulted in violence, death, or murder. We can say that marijuana can cause issues in bipolar personalities or even epilepsy, but violence is not proven.

The recreational use of marijuana results in the proper functioning of the brain, the right use of skillsets for task accomplishment, and many more things. So the leading cause of violence falls under myths about marijuana.

Marijuana is safe during pregnancy.

This is a common myth that tends to circulate among weed smokers. There is a famous saying that marijuana during pregnancy and labour isn’t too bad.

But that is not the truth. With the use of marijuana during pregnancy, it can affect the brain development of the child. The kid might find it tough to adjust to his schooling with the use of marijuana.

With its hardening effects compared to smoking, marijuana can be tough for the unborn child. The presence of THC in marijuana could degrade the breast milk that is to be fed to the kid.

Marijuana makes you lazy.

While marijuana temporarily relaxes you due to the psychoactive compound THC, its effects are not permanent. During the occasional recreational use, there are instances showing little to no productivity issues.

Meanwhile, chronic cannabis users tend to have issues with their motivation. The frequent use of marijuana leads to slower brain function.

It means that you will have cases of being lazy and not willing to do any work. Motivation, self-esteem, and the urge to work harder tend to diminish with regular use.

Marijuana causes cancer.

A lot of research has been done on whether smoking marijuana causes cancer or not. Interestingly, there have been no proven statistics to support it.

When you smoke a lot of cigarettes, there is a chance that you will suffer from cancer. But an avid weed smoker is hardly seen suffering from cancer.

There have been no results related to weed smoking and lung cancer. What’s interesting is the fact that there are no results to show that marijuana even leads to any sort of cancer.

Marijuana leads to more crimes.

Crimes are associated with a specific smoking or drinking habit. With the consumption of weed, the mind tends to get dull, and there are hardly any quicker actions.

After the legalization of cannabis, there have been results: crime rates have gone down. The properties of marijuana aren’t known to induce aggression.

On the other end, it tends to result in slow and low reactions. In comparison to it, alcohol consumption is highly dangerous. With the aggressive intent being exposed, it could increase crimes but not weed.

Synthetic weed is safe.

The last myth about marijuana is related to synthetic weed. A lot of users tend to create the myth that synthetic weed is safer than natural weed. Well, that’s a hoax.

Synthetic weed is 100 times more dangerous compared to natural weed. It is also known as spice, K2, and fake weed. Some cases of synthetic weed use nail varnish remover and other toxic chemicals.

Prepared in the lab, synthetic weed isn’t able to provide the same kind of high. With various chemicals in it, synthetic weed is very harmful.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of myths about marijuana. But the plain and simple explanation is that weed isn’t good for your health. Occasional consumption might not be harmful.

But regular use of marijuana can dull brain functions. There have been a lot of justifications for saying weed is safe. In this article, we state that weed isn’t good and can be addictive in the long run.






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